Some like it hot!

Some like it hot!

We’re obsessed with sriracha, the delicious red drizzle of spice & sweetness, and we like to add a little on top at every meal (hence why it’s on all Busaba tables for your custom heat-adding pleasure).

sriracha bottles

Named after the coastal town of Sri Racha in eastern Thailand, we’ve dug up a few interesting facts & tales about one of the world’s most beloved hot sauces.

Number 7: You may be pronouncing it wrong (see-rotch-ah!)

Number 6: The green cap is supposed to make the bottle resemble a red chilli pepper with its stem

Number 5: Apparently, one reason people feel like they can never get enough sriracha isn’t just because it tastes so good. Supposedly when you ingest pepper, capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin, the elements in a chili pepper that make the pepper spicy, trick your system into thinking you’ve touched something incredibly hot. To cope, your brain releases endorphins, which give your body a natural high to ‘numb the pain’ it thinks you’ve experienced and makes you feel good!

Number 4: More than a ton of sriracha is produced every single hour

Number 3: The chillis are all harvested from the same farm every single year

Number 2: Over 20,000,000 bottles are sold around the world annually

Number 1: The rooster on the bottle is actually the zodiac sign of the original sauce company founder!

Find sriracha right on the Busaba dish menu, too, such as our popular vegan & vegetarian Sriracha Ho Fun Noodles.

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