Oumph! is a great meat free alternative

More vegan choices on our menu

At Busaba we work with Oumph! who make a delicious soya based meat alternative which we love using in three of our dishes on our menu to bring you more vegan dishes. See which dishes use Oumph! below.

Our Thai Soyamari dish is our signature dish now fully vegan-friendly – wok tossed Oumph! soya in ginger and green peppercorn sauce.

thai soyamari

Our Weeping Tiger Jay stir fry is triple cooked Oumph! soya with green beans, chilli and Chinese chive

Our Yam Pak Crispy Soya salad is cripsy fried Oumph! soya with fresh mixed slaw of red pepper, herb leaves, mango and chilli topped with fried shallots and crushed roasted peanuts

Oumph! believe in mouth-watering food. Food that’s delicious, easy to cook, and crazy good for the environment. Really good food, made from beans, with a climate impact so low that you, and everyone else on this planet, can eat it every day. Plant protein is resource efficient and have low climate impact. Oumph! is rich in protein and fibre. And a source to iron and folic acid. Read more about Oumph! here.

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