Busaba Eathai collaborators

Career Enquiries

Wang Wei Photographer

Wang Wei's approach to photography aligns with Busaba's approach to food: clean, authentic, and ... detail-driven. Born in a small village in China, WangWei headed for Beijing to study art history at China Central Academy of Fine Arts and to then launch her own art gallery. Her attraction to the visual image led her to later explore photography. WangWei now shoots for Asian publications such as Elle Deco and Architectural Digest China and does stunning portraiture for clients such as The Independent, shoots exhibitions and stories for the likes of designer Tom Dixon and architect Abe Rogers. Wang Wei has shot many of the images of Busaba's dishes and interiors featured on this website and continues to bring to life the essence of Busaba life through her lens.


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Wang Wei

North Design Design

North Design has been a key collaborator for Busaba since the beginning. The design team, led by ... Sean Perkins and Stephen Gilmore created Busaba's enigmatic visual identity. The Busaba menu, the logo and of course the illustration of the infamous toilet icons remain the same more than 15 years after opening the doors of Wardour Street back in 1999.


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North Design

Marcel Bird Videographer

Marcel’s well rounded breadth of talents brings a resonating intuitive nature to his work. A yoga ... practitioner, massage therapist and his avid approach to meditation brings a unique energy to his projects as a stills photograper and videographer. Born in Poland, Marcel’s connection to human nature and the energy of space boldly shines through in all that he lays his creative hand upon. Marcel has been commissioned to create a series of videos that demonstrate the diversity of the Busaba family and the sensory process of creating Busaba’s signature dishes.


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Marcel Bird

Jason Lowe Photographer and Videographer

Glenfiddich award winning photographer, Jason Lowe’s rich and evocative photography lends ... itself perfectly to eclectic Thailand. Jason travelled across the country on a mouth watering adventure capturing the food, culture and magic of daily life represented in the Busaba philosophy of Gan Gin Gan Yuu – which translates ‘as you eat, so you are’.

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Marcel Bird

Agne Montrimaite Social Media Marketing and Photography

Agne Montrimaite is a young and passionate entrepreneur who has founded her own social media marketing and photography company. ... Agne has a very strong vision of simplicity and minimalism that she imbues into her work, which reflects the Busaba spirit. Agne and Busaba started their longstanding relationship when Agne worked in one of the restaurants. Now Busaba works closely with Agne for event photography, where she can be found weaving through crowds to find the perfect shot. Always busy with projects, events, innovations and constant learning: Agne dreams of having 48 hours in a day.


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Ange Montrimaite